Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holidays around the World at Epcot.

For the first time this year, you'll find food booths all around the World Showcase Lagoon offering seasonal food and drinks themed according to the different lands.  You may recall that there were several food kiosks open during the Flower and Garden Festival last spring serving small, tapas-style treats much like you would find at the Food and Wine Festival.  Disney promised to expand the booths to include more countries in 2014, but they also added food booths to this year's holiday celebrations, a welcome addition.

Make sure you pick up your Holiday Passport when you get into the park. You'll find listings for each country listing special performances, shows, and food items you can purchase.

You can check off each activity or food item as you go along, just like at Food and Wine.

While not every country has food items (yet), they'll all have some holiday themed activity.  As you might expect, Germany is a great place to start your holiday eating, where you can get Stollen, hot spiced wine,and delicious caramel drinks made with Werther's caramels.

You'll find pannetone and various mixed drinks in Italy.

You'll see signs at each kiosk telling you what's available.

My favorite by far was the Promenade, just as you go into the World Showcase.

It doesn't sound like much, but the Savory Seasonal Waffle was amazing. Take a stuffing flavored waffle, load it with thick-sliced turkey, ladle on some gravy and dot it with cranberry sauce. It was so good!

You can also try gingerbread ice cream in France. I loved this and I'm not a gingerbread fan by any means. A nice addition.

Adding food booths to the Holidays around the World celebration is a no-brainer. I love this idea.  Stop by, get some hot chocolate, and enjoy!

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