Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween in the Magic Kingdom.

In case you haven't noticed, it's already Halloween at Walt Disney World. Disney keeps the decorations "fall-ish" for the most part, saving the scarier stuff for the party (and don't worry, that's not scary at all). You'll find pumpkins, autumn leaves, and fun merchandise everywhere.  Here's a look at what we saw over the last week.

Seasonal cupcakes at Big Top Souvenirs in  Storybook Circus. We though these looked a little sad.

These cookies were available in several different locations in the Magic Kingdom.

As were these fall-colored Mickey head Rice Krispee treats.

You'll find these candied applies in several locations in the parks, including the Main Street Confectionery. 

Fall finery welcomes you in the town square as you walk into the park

And continues all the way up Main Street USA.

I love all the little pumpkins on the lampposts. Starting in November, these will be Christmas wreaths.

Some of the windows at the Emporium on Main Street get the Halloween treatment as well.

I met these nice cast members dressed up as characters from the movie Up, visiting the Magic Kingdom some off-duty fun.  You can enter the park for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party at 4:30, so even if you're not going to the party, you'll see guests in costume a few hours prior.

Cute trick-or-treat pumpkins in the Main Street Confectionery.

Seasonal changes in  Disney parks are always fun to watch, so make sure you don't miss all the great decorations and unique merchandise. 

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Jim said...

Thank you for the pictures. My wife wants to go during the fall and I'm hoping to do it next year.