Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick Bites: Sally's Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land.

It must be said:  Quick-service food at Disneyland is a step above all other theme park food. Sorry, Disney World. One fun addition to Disneyland's quick-servie arsenel is Sally's Cozy Cone Mote, where you can find ice cream, pop corn, churros, and easily carried breakfast and lunchtime snacks all served in a series of five big orange cones, just like in the movie Cars.

The first cone you come to is the churro cone. At first I was hesitant to try Disneyland's churros because I was so disappointed in what Disney World was calling a churro, but I'm guessing that Disneyland, with it's large Latino community, knows that they can't get away with selling soggy, tasteless churros: These were excellent. Dipped in cinnamon and sugar, they were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The spicy chocolate dipping sauce on the side was a bit disappointment, but it's a minor thing. I would order these again.

After that, you'll come to a cone selling ice cream cones. Choose from vanilla and vanilla dippled in chocolate.  If you're not happy with either of those choices, go to the next cone, where you can always get some popcorn.

Coca-cola and alcoholic beverages round out the menu.

You'll also find more substantial fare for lunch, such as chilli cone queso and chicken verdi.

There's lots of cute theming that makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the movie.

As with all of Cars Land, there's a lot of cute word play that references all things automotive and the movie that insprired the Land.

Disneyland is a park with a lot of fun and delicious food, so Sally's Cozy Cone fits in just fine. Can't wait to get back and try it all again!

Thanks to Bob and Donna Angelo for these photos. You can see more of our trip to Cars Land And Disneyland here.


Daniel Stoller said...

Last time we went we didn't get to visit the Cozy Cone, but it sure sounds like we missed out! Next trip to Disneyland we'll have to make it a priority (plus we all loved the movie Cars).

Georgina said...

I had been to several budget hotels paddington and several inns but I never really got to experience staying in a cone motel before. This is surely going to be the first. I can't wait!

Tim Arellano said...

Lightning McQueen! I really thought Disney Land has residential properties for rent, when in fact it was just hotel rooms for guests. When I already dreamed of living with Mickey. *sigh*

Jana Baxter said...

Staying at a 3 star hotel london for free was a great treat but this could have been exponentially better. Living on a cone? Best day of my life!

Daisy Suites said...

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Delilah Kean said...

How grand would it be if your house just sits beside Disneyland? Cozy cone is definitely my favorite one. It IS cozy.