Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Parking at Disney: Finding Your Car

This has happened to you, right? You are leaving a Disney theme park late at night. The fireworks were fantastic and you had a great time with your family and friends. Now, you just need to find your car.

As the friendly tram operator reminded you 12 hours earlier, you needed to write down the area and number of where you parked your car.

I have never done that, have you?

I have another solution that is a lot more fun and can help you taunt your friends. When you exit your row, take a photo with your phone and text (or message) the picture to a friend. Not only will you have a photo stored on your phone, but your friend will be able to help you find your car later, if needed. You can also remind your friend that you are having the time of your life at Walt Disney World while all they have is a photo of your parking lot row. I do this to my brother all of the time.

If you do get lost, do your best to signal a roving security truck or see if one of the Disney Security officers in the high-rise booths can help you.

These "Eyes in the Sky" rise about 30 feet in the air and can be helpful when you need to have your car spotted, so to speak. I think they look more like AT-STs from Star Wars.

Do you have any tips for locating your car in a Disney parking lot?


Jenna said...

Ooh! No, it's an AT-ST.

And my new life goal is to ascend in one.

Jenna said...

Ooh! No, it's an AT-ST

And my new life goal is to ascend in one.

Anonymous said...

My favorite form of parking is taking the bus from the resort.

abilsky1 said...

Do you recommend a car at Disney? I've always used Disney transportation

Michael Shaul said...