Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bidding Good-Bye to the Watery Depths of Pete's Garage.

Tomorrow marks the last day you can visit Mickey's Toontown Fair, which is being cruelly demolished (okay, I exaggerate) to make room for the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland expansion.  It's also the last day you can venture into Pete's Garage, also known as the worst bathroom in Walt Disney World.

Pete is a somewhat shady character, but I would argue that he is also the possible victim of  a pervasive anti-feline sentiment prevalent among Disney cartoonists for decades (see:  mouse worship). Given what we know, then,  it probably makes sense that his face and name ended up being splashed on the side of a bathroom.  Where else would you put your cat scapegoat? That's right, you'd put him in a bathroom populated by potty training toddlers.

The obvious pun is that it's a bathroom disguised as a garage, which is perfect given Pete's supposed proclivities. Anyone who's ever driven a car knows that sinking feeling as you hand over your debit card to a mechanic who just fixed your car:  Did he overcharge you?  Perform unnecessary repairs?  Is he mocking you right now?  Why yes, I believe he is.

No one knows where Pete will end up once he's given the eviction notice, but I hope he gets a more fitting tribute than a bathroom.  Until then, good-bye Pete.  Good-bye bathroom floor covered in a thin film of water or . . . something.  Good-bye cast members gamely cleaning up mess after kid mess.  You tried, you really did.  Good-bye Toontown. You were secretly one of my favorite places in the Magic Kingdom.

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theelfqueen said...

During our last visit to WDW we were asked about youngest child's favorite character - his favorite is Pete. He was very disappointed that there was no Pete to be found. Except this sign.