Monday, April 12, 2010

Fast Disney Facts: Eating Lunch at a Monorail Resort.

Photo Peggy MacDonald.
On busy days, midday lines at counter service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom can stretch out the door. Next time, don't fight the crowds. Instead, head over to one of the monorail resorts; you don’t need to be a guest to visit, shop or eat. Located just minutes away by monorail from the Magic Kingdom, counter service locations at the Contemporary, The Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian resorts are less crowded during the day because guests are in the park, so they’re an excellent place to cool off, relax, and have a quick lunch. Here’s a sampling:

Contempo Café: Located in the Contemporary Resort, it’s the first stop on the resort monorail after you leave the park. If you want, you can even walk over there. Salads, flatbreads, and sandwiches that are a step up from what you’ll find in the park. Try the smoked turkey with brie and apple butter.

Captain Cook’s: Located in the Polynesian Resort, the third stop on the resort monorail as you leave the Magic Kingdom (right after the Transportation and Ticket Center). Sandwiches, pasta dishes, and stir fries. Quality food that gets consistently good marks.

Gasparilla Grill. The last stop on the resort monorail from the Magic Kingdom, Gasparilla’s is located in the Grand Floridian across from the marina. Serving sandwiches and other quick meals similar to what you’ll find in the parks, you can take your meal outside to one of the tables near the marina and eat there if you like.


Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting - Captain Cook's has Dole Whips! To my knowledge it is one of two places to get 'em.

MouseMisers said...

We tried lunch at Contempo Cafe a few weeks ago, by far the worst meal of our 11 night trip. I have had much better luck with Gasparilla Grill, plus the view is fantastic seated outside.

If you aren't on the dining plan, Kona Cafe has some great options that aren't much more than the counter service places, and the food is a few notches higher.

Hedy said...

The grown-up grilled cheese and a dole whip is a new "must-do" for me at Captain Cook's.

Blondie said...

I am fascinated by the idea of turkey, brie, and apple butter!

Oooooo - Dole whips at Captain Cook's? Great to know! I love shopping at the Polynesian so I will just add this to my list of things to do!

everythingwdw said...

You people are making me hungry! That Lean Cuisine isn't going to do it, I'm afraid.

Blondie, doesn't that sound good?

Scrappie J- said...

another vote for Poly CS...we ate their multiple times during our '08 stay. The flatebread pizza and self ordering computers...made this a great easy choice. Plus outdoor seating (inside is cramped) and the beach. NICE!

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