Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Distraction.

I don't know about you, but our entire house has had Swine Flu, excuse me the H1N1Virus, and I could use a little Disney to brighten my morning.

On the October 21st DisUnplugged podcast, Walter and his friend Corine Frye talk about nature tours and riding the zipline at Florida EcoSafaries, a 4700 acre nature preserve an hour's drive from Disney World.  You can also check out the attraction's website at Florida EcoSafaris.

Jim Hill wonders if "Disney's A Christmas  Carol" is too scary for kids.

Speaking of scary, I really want these Crocs:

Stop laughing! I know they're ugly. They're also incredibly comfortable.  Unfortunately, they're also impossible to find.  This means they're super trendy, right?  Yeah . . . .

Have a hankering to be in the next Samatha Brown Disney special?  Information at AllEars.   Casting is open to residents of the Orlando area only.

The Daily Disney has information for those who want to be in the audience for the taping of Disney's 2009 Christmas parade. 

Finally, speaking of Swine flu:


Lynnette said...

Ok. I had to chime in here. I don't like my Mammoth Crocs. Yes, they are comfy, but unless you wear socks with them every day, they will start to get funky. And they are a PAIN to dis-assemble and wash. I haven't tried washing them "whole" so maybe that's an option. I may throw the twins mammoths in the wash, like that, first. We're a basic black croc family here, but I smiled when I saw the mouse ears!

Chris said...

Lynnette, good to know. I still want them though. I do love the Crocs. My husband thinks they're hideous, but he know I was a comfortable shoe kind of girl when I married him.