Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Signs You May Have a Disney Addiction.

10.  During last Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family, you debated the merits of the X-Pass . . . with yourself.

9.  You were once banned for 30 days from the Dis for your participation in a heated debate. The subject: Pool hopping.

8.  You have been known to go to the local Disney store for a Disney fix.

7.  You know that a stroller swap has nothing to do with upgrading your beat-up Graco with that nice Bugaboo left parked and unattended outside of Mickey's Philharmagic.

6.  People don't ask where you're going on vacation; they just assume.

5.  You know what Mousefest was and you know the real story about behind why it's gone.

4.  You have rationalized buying a Disney timeshare to your spouse as "an investment in future vacations."

3. You have been known to wear Mickey Crocs. Without shame. And sometimes, with socks.

2.  You have annual passes even though you live in North Dakota.*

1.  You can translate the following sentence: Is it possible to park at the CR when you have an ADR at CG and then attend MVMCP at the MK or do I have to park at the TTC and take the RM?

Yes to three or less--Your addiction is under control. Though you know more about Disney than the average person, it's a good bet that breakfast at your house doesn't included Mickey Waffles. Yet.
Yes to four to seven--You are entering borderline fanatic territory. You go to Disney so often that Disney will never give you a pin code for a reduced room rate because they know you're coming anyway. You own the highly coveted Mickey Waffle iron which you use to recreate the Chef Mickey's experience back home by inviting in the unruly neighbor kids over for breakfast. Your children think it's possible to walk from Canada to Morocco in a matter of minutes, stopping along the way for a pretzel in Germany.
Yes to more than seven--If loving Disney World is wrong, you don't wanna be right--and you're not. You recently bought DVC by cashing in your retirement account. At least one of your children is named Ariel. You still miss Mr. Toad.
*If you live in ND, you probably deserve annual passes--it gets cold up there.


[carrotspeak.] said...

I especially like number four.

That's what you call planning ahead.
It there's one company that will never go out of business, not even during a depression, it's definitely Disney.

Suz said...

Yes to None with a healthy dose of "huh"? - You may be addicted to something, but it sure as heck ain't Disney.

Chris said...

Suzann, of course you don't get it. You're not a Disney nerd. Don't worry, there's help.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Unashamed to admit YES--I'm a Disney FANATIC!!!!! And dang it--THAT explains why I never get pin codes!

BrandonB said...

Another one is combing over construction photos looking for changes. 8 out of 10 ain't bad. Could be addicted to a lot worse than Disney. Went to Disney on Ice this month. Ok I have a problem.

Carol & Rick said...

Well, I am guilty of all 10, except that I have a permanant ban from DisBoards (better known at Voldemort) just for deleting posts and breaking picture links

Gaylin said...

I scored a 4 and am happy with that. I would have gotten one more if I could put my orthotics inside a pair of crocs . . .